Deliver connected, whole-health care

Alluceo’s proven approach to mental health integration is leading the way to routine, affordable whole health care. As the first company to use implementation science to move teams to better outcomes, we know what it takes to transform the culture of clinical care. With our innovative team-based platform, we’re making sure connected care works for everyone.

Key Benefits of Our program

Assessment and stratification

Use the Alluceo program measurements to assess patient complexity and ensure patients access the right level of health expertise in relation to their complexity.

Differentiated care

Alluceo practices are standardized with care protocols and can be benchmarked on mental health complexity enabling delivery of cost-efficient care and allowing health plans to act with confidence.

Predictive Analytics

Identify at-risk patients who require continued screening through Alluceo’s groundbreaking.

Alluceo Program Measurements


Integrates mental health with physical and social health and behavior to understand patient complexity and conducts follow-up assessments to measure patient progress to ensure appropriate access to care.


Benchmarks practice progress along the journey towards routinization


Offers specific routine, collaborative, and enhanced care plan models to stratify expert engagement.

Proven and potential outcomes

Our proprietary approach to whole-health wellness is built on decades of research and experience in transforming clinical care with proven outcomes and cost savings.

Meaningful savings

$260 Per member per year savings for commercial payer patients
$1400 Per member per year savings for patients with other chronic conditions
$5M Saved during implementation, covering 7-8% of patients

Scaling potential

$2B In savings if scaled across a national payer
$800M In savings if adopted broadly at 10 large hospital systems