Enabling mental health services in primary care

With complex chronic disease, real progress begins with mental health. Alluceo’s proven team-based care platform empowers care providers with education, tools, and support to treat their patients with confidence in measurable improvements. With Alluceo, transform primary care to emphasize whole-person care, prioritize mental health, and better manage chronic complex disease.

Key Benefits of Our program

Health leadership

Be at the forefront of care with large-scale adoption of mental health integration, which has been proven to be more effective than traditional care

Increased ratings

Care providers, staff, and patients report high satisfaction and confidence with Alluceo’s approach

Competitive market advantage

Our innovative approach to whole health is based on decades of research with proven results that will set you apart in the health landscape

1,350 clinicians trained
700K patients indexed
90 clinics routinized

Proven formula for success

Our proprietary approach is based on decades of science and deep experience transforming clinics into whole-person, mind-body practices with improved clinical outcomes and better experiences for patients and staff. As a result, in order to achieve true mental health integration in primary care Alluceo offers five key integration elements:


A population-health mindset is essential. Are you ready to make this cultural change? It requires committed leadership to normalize mental health as a routine part of everyday care.


Standardized assessment tools and organized protocols must be used in conjunction with specific care team roles and responsibilities to identify a patient’s mental and physical health needs. This lets us match the level of complexity of the patient and families’ health story to the right level of team care that has to be activated to help the patient and the family get well.


Data about patient outcomes, costs, clinical care and operations must be synthesized, analyzed and communicated to the team so they can understand what works, what doesn’t and how to keep fine-tuning key processes for improved performance.


Understanding the right staffing mix for operational efficiency requires savvy management and the right targeted amount of investment. To know how much care management or mental health staff capacity is needed, you have to know (and analyze) how complex your population is and how to stratify patients to the right level of care at the right time.


A primary care clinic cannot meet every identified patient need. Most clinics will need to partner with other local providers, making sure patients can be referred to a higher or lower level of service if needed or connected to the support and community resources needed to succeed after treatment ends.