Connecting you to whole-health care

Mental wellness is a fundamental part of your whole health, so we’re making mind care a routine part of your health care. Alluceo’s team-based care approach prioritizes both physical and mental health and connects patients and families with an integrated team so that you can navigate your health with confidence and hope.


3 in 5 Americans are estimated to have a mental health condition


Only 1 in 5 are diagnosed


Of those diagnosed, only 43% receive treatment

How Does It Work?

Complete the Alluceo assessment in the privacy of my home and receive my whole-person Alluceo score.

Receive personalized education regarding my Alluceo score and access community support resources, then send initial questions to my provider.

Connect with my trusted primary care provider to discuss my whole health and recommended care plan.

Collaborate with my integrated care team to access treatment, monitor my health and connect my chosen family members along the way.

Reassess my Alluceo score periodically to measure progress and ensure that I am receiving the right care.

Key Benefits of Our program

A Community of Care

Our platform connects you to your entire care team, resources and community touch points to enable collaboration, support and informed decisions through every milestone and challenge in your journey.

Improve Overall Health

Our program can help tackle the mental and social stress that often accompanies chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart conditions, so you can more successfully improve your overall health.

Mental Health In Routine Care

Incorporating mental health into primary care has been proven to be more effective and affordable, empowering you to establish a care plan with your trusted provider without the stigma often associated with specialty care.

Your connected care team

Alluceo’s platform is built on decades of research, implementation and proven outcomes, with over 100,000 participants in 27 practices receiving team-based care for whole-person health.